Happy Farmer’s Life || Evening Harvest Is More Fun And Very Jocular

Hello Everyone 💕 💞,

Last Night I was so happy to be on the farm and to see more produce to harvest, yes it is Summer period here in most of the state but here where I reside presently we are experiencing partial Summer. Because with the look of things I can conclude we are half way gone. All green Vegetations are almost dried. Hmmm. It is very lovely season but too much stress can be involve when it comes to farming Activities.

I was very Joyous to see my Two pawpaw tree making it up to this far. Some are already dried off because of lack of water supply. I went into the farm and I saw this two beautiful and lovely Fruits hanging up there. Yes. Very cute and amazing.

For a farmer it is very rear to see them not happy when they are near to the Harvesting Time because they labour all day and night to see it grow well and look more greenish all year round. That's what exactly what happened to me yesterday. I am very sure , @papa-pepper , @inature , @anggreklestari and @adsactly and more people into food articles and post will definitely know what I mean by farmer harvesting. It is never an easy task but when you have some element of hardwork, Persistence, Consistency and above all Patience as farmer things will work out well . Most especially if you are into both Crops and animals. Smile it is a big deal. I tell you.💪.

I planted two types of Pawpaw breed but I don't really know the names, I will be most grateful if you can really assist me with the names 💯.


The first specie is so sweet and delicious only when it is not fully riped. Did you get that? Sometimes when you leave them on its tree for some days it becomes so soft inside ,not outside but at the end when you harvest them and slice. It all soften. 🙃☹️. But when it still hard outside and inside, wow🤗🤸🤸 it more delicious. And in some cases it is vice versa. That's nature for you.

I am planning to go into more animals soon when the times comes. But for now I'm on Poultry farm and rabbitry.

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