Astonishing Yam Market And It’s Still Marketfriday


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It's #marketfriday and still the initiative of @dswigle. Once upon a time when I visited the Market but not just any Market this time around but a very big Market called Odo Oba Market.

This market can be found along Ilorin, Oyo express Road. We actually stopped while driving along the path to see our in-laws in Ibadan. That's was our mission then. It was just along Ilorin express Road, if you have not been here before, you are really missing out big. Although it's not only yam Market but all kinds of Foodstuffs can be found in the market. Oranges, Red oil, snails and so on.




It is a very lovely experience so far and because this has to be done, the journey was successful as well. Here in Odo Oba Market. We have so many Market outlet. When we got there , we entered through one gate, but when we went out of it, it was another gate again. And when I even made enquiry it was said, it has three - four main gates.

Here is my #marketfriday review and I hope you enjoyed my review for today. I went to Odo Oba Market

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